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"The Wynkahthu Job" is the ninth episode of the third season of the animated television series, Star Wars Rebels. It is directed by Mel Zwyer and written by Gary Whitta and premiered on November 26, 2016.


The Rebels form an uneasy alliance with Hondo in order to break into an abandoned Imperial ship to steal its valuable cargo, with Hondo promising them a shipment of proton bombs in return. However, the cargo ship is dangerously close to a heavy storm, making any salvage attempt hazardous. They enlist the aid of AP-5, but Kanan and Hera are worried that Ezra puts too much trust in Hondo. The group manages to board the ship and finds the cargo they are looking for. However, as they load the cargo onto the Ghost, they are attacked by Imperial Sentry droids which were protecting the ship. Both the Rebels and Hondo's crew manage to narrowly escape the cargo ship before it plunges into the storm, and while the Rebels were able to retrieve most of the proton bombs, Hondo was unable to secure any of the treasure. In addition, Ezra comes to realize how little Hondo cares about his own crew or "business partners".


  • Taylor Gray as Ezra Bridger
  • Vanessa Marshall as Hera Syndulla
  • Freddie Prinze Jr. as Kanan Jarrus
  • Tiya Sircar as Sabine Wren
  • Steve Blum as Garazeb Orrelios
  • Dave Filoni as C1-10P a.k.a. "Chopper" (Uncredited)
  • Stephen Stanton as AP-5
  • James Hong as Azmorigan
  • Jim Cummings as Hondo Ohnaka
  • Dee Bradley Baker as Melch


  • The crew remembers the whole Y-Wing incident with Hondo, including Zeb who remembers that the pirate had abandoned Ezra on Recklam Station.
  • Hera recalls her last run-in with Azmorigan and how Lando "sold" her just to achieve his pufferpig back in "Idiot's Array."



Droid Models

  • Astromech Droid
    • C1 Series Droid
  • Protocol Droid
  • Sentry Droid
    • DT-Series Sentry Droid (First appearance)


  • Reklam Station (mentioned only)
  • Wynkahthu (first appearance)



  • Armor
    • Mandalorian armor
      • Macrobinocular viewplate
      • Sabine Wren's armor
  • Beskar
  • Blaster
    • Blaster pistol
      • Ezra's heavy blaster pistol
      • WESTAR-35 blaster pistol
  • Bo-rifle
    • AB-75 bo-rifle
  • Hologram
  • Mine Template:Mo
    • Ion mine Template:Mo
  • Lightsaber
  • Proton Bomb
  • Rocket Booster
  • Spark Projector


  • Escape Pod (mentioned only)
  • Starship
    • Freighter
    • Shuttle
      • Last Chance
      • Phantom II

Sentient Species

  • Human
    • Lothalite
    • Mandalorian
  • Twi'lek
  • Lasat
  • Weequay
  • Jablogian
  • Ugnaught




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