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Soniee is a young female Mandalorian who was a cadet in the Royal Academy of Government and a character in the third and fifth seasons from Star Wars: The Clone Wars. She had a love of technology ended up helped uncover Almec's corruption in the Mandalorian government by recording his conversation with black marketers with her friends and Ahsoka Tano. Soniee tried to save Satine from Maul's custody but it failed and she was recaptured by the Mandalorian supercommandos.


Soniee was a young female from Mandalore. By the time of the Clone Wars, she was attending the Royal Academy of Government. The Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker loaned his Padawan, Ahsoka Tano, to Duchess Satine, who suspected that someone she worked closely with was corrupted in her government after children got sick from Slavin poisoning and hoped a Jedi could uncover the plot. Ahsoka gave their school's lectures about corruption within their own government

That night, instead of studying, Soniee and her friends sneak out of their dorms to acquire some food for dinner but instead discovered a group of insurgents meeting at the docks. Soniee records the entire event. Going to Duchess Satine, Soniee shows the recording to Satine. The Duchess tells Soniee and hte other cadets not to pursue the matter any further. During a lecture with Ahsoka, Soniee and her friends tell told Ahsoka the next day what happened and she told them they must have proof to show people that they saw, which Soniee provides with the recording. Ahsoka helps them identify the man from Soniee's hologram as Almec and because he sent guards to apprehend them. Soniee and the other cadets go through with Ahsoka's plan after finding Satine missing by turning them in for conspiracy against the Prime Minister. Thanks to the kids' efforts, they help Ahsoka and Duchess Satine expose Almec as a fraud and a traitor, charged with treason.

However, the victory was short lived when Death Watch joined Maul and his brother/apprentice, Savage Opress. Joining the Mandalorian resistance, Soniee tried to free Satine by helping Korkie and Bo-Katan break her out of her Mandalorian prison. She joined the fight by shooting at Maul's soldiers, but Soniee and her friends are overpowered. Her further fate is unknown.