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Those two can't go anywhere without blowing something up.

The relationship between Jedi Padawan Ezra Bridger and Mandalorian Sabine Wren was one of the main aspects of Star Wars Rebels. Through their struggles against the Empire, Ezra and Sabine built a strong relationship built on trust, possibly the first friendship between a Mandalorian and a Jedi since the Clone Wars. They were the youngest members of the Ghost crew, initially having a rough relationship after having a rough turn of events. They eventually developed a closeness with one another, becoming best friends.  

Together, their pairing is called "Sabezra" (Sab/ine and Ezra) or "Ezrabine" (Ezra and S/abine).


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Episodes with Sabezra Plot/Subplots

  • "Gathering Forces:" Sabine and Ezra establish a turning point in their relationship. Sabine was the only one to wish Ezra a happy birthday.
  • Star Wars Rebels: Steps Into Shadow
  • "Imperial Super Commandos"
  • "Trials of the Darksaber: Ezra helps train Sabine with the darksaber and, unlike him, Ezra convinces her that she's lucky to have her parents to go back to.
  • Star Wars Rebels: Heroes of Mandalore
  • "Family Reunion — and Farewell"


  • Sabine is at least two years older than Ezra. Throughout the show they are fourteen and sixteen, fifteen and seventeen, seventeen and nineteen, nineteen and twenty one.
  • Several consider Sabine and Ezra as a romantic couple while others consider it strictly platonic. Though they were confirmed to have a sibling dynamic, there are several aspects that they have romantic feelings for anothersuch as Ezra's flirting with Sabine.  
  • When Dave Filoni got questioned as to why Sabine and Ezra didn't end up together in an episode of Rebel Recon, he revealed he wanted Ezra and Sabine to serve an example that two people of the opposite gender can share a bond without having a romantic relationship.


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