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Mira Bridger is a character in  Star Wars Rebels.  She was the wife of Ephraim Bridger and mother of Padawan Ezra Bridger


Speaking Out Against the Empire:

Born on the planet Lothal, Ephraim married his wife Mira Bridger married and had one son, Ezra,  born on the day the Galactic Empire was founded. Mira and Ephraim were friends with many individuals, such as Morad and Marida Sumar. 

Along with her husband, she spoke out against the Empire through secret broadcasts with the help of Ryder Azadil who also opposed the Empire for their son to grow in a better world. Tseebo warned the Bridgers to cease their broadcasts and to think of Ezra. However, Mira and her husband revealed that it was because of Ezra and that they wanted to teach their son to fight for those who could not, risking their own freedom for Ezra's. However, they were arrested and imprisoned in an Imperial prison, practically rendering their son an orphan.During their absence, Ezra became a thief and a pickpocket. He eventually became a Jedi apprentice to Kanan Jarrus and joined a small rebel cell called the Ghost Crew and fought in his parents' names.


Even in prison, the Bridgers still spoke out for their fellow inmates who couldn't stand for themselves. They eventually learned that Ezra joined the rebellion when he and Mira broadcasted to those who listened about standing up to the Empire. His broadcast reached even the deepest parts of Imperial prisons, Ephraim and Mira immediately recognized the speaker as Ezra through his words and how they echoed theirs seven years ago. They orchestrated a prison break, making sure everyone else got out. However, Ephraim and Mira were killed, causing Ryder to seek out Ezra and inform him of their sacrifices.


The Bridgers were always remembered for their sacrifices, especially among friends and their own son, especially coming from Ezra's companions, the Spectres.

After picking up Ezra after saving him from Imperials, Hera told him she was taking him home because his parents must have been worried about him. However, Ezra revealed he had no parents to go back to, leaving Hera to realize that the boy was an orphan. (Spark of Rebellion)

Later, Ezra convinced Zeb to help him save two friends of his parents. (Fighter Flight). 

By the time of the Empire's fifteenth anniversery, Ezra still remembered that it was also the day his parents were taken from him. He retreated to his old tower, where he kept a holodisc of him and his parents and heard his father and mother's voices. It led him to Tseebo, who blamed himself for the Bridgers' imprisonments.

Retreating to his home with his rebel companions, Sabine Wren and Kanan Jarrus, Ezra revealed what happened to him: his parents were taken from him when he was younger. Kanan, surprised, told Ezra that he never mentioned his parents before; however, the boy revealed it was not relevent because his parents were taken from him and he rarely talked about it. Kanan tried getting Ezra to talk about it but his Padawan retreated into their basement, where they previously did their broadcastings. Sabine approached her friend, and saw the transmitter the Bridger's once used. She inquired about the object, causing Ezra to reveal its significance to her.

Later, when the Ghost crew were making their escape, Tseebo revealed he knew of Ezra's parents fates and blamed himself for their arrest. Infuriated, Ezra swore to never forgive Tseebo for his parents being taken from him. Sabine later confronted Ezra about his parents and tried convincing him to talk to Tseebo, knowing he could possibly never meet Tseebo again and never learn his parents' true fate. However, Ezra remained unconvinced.

Kanan took Ezra to Fort Anaxes, to face his inner demons of losing his parents. Ezra, through the force, forgave Tseebo, knowing he was not to blame for his parents' imprisonment. That afternoon, Sabine showed Ezra a picture she found in the Bridger House that contained Ezra and his parents. She delivered it as a birthday present for Ezra and wished him a happy birthday before leaving Ezra to look at his parents alone. (Empire Day, Gathering Forces)

Sometime afterwards, Ezra experienced his first Force vision of Trayvis claiming to know Ezra's parents. He informed Kanan of what he saw, but his master feared it was a trap. At Ezra's old house, Sabine told Zeb, Hera, Chopper and Kanan of how Ezra's parents broadcast on a transmission. As Zeb took it in, he wondered why Ezra's parents risked everything because they were just civillians. Without realizing Ezra was there, Hera said that they only did so because Mira and Ephraim were trying to make the world a better place for her son before Sabine cut Hera off when they saw Ezra approaching.

Later, Hera and Ezra learned Trayvis was a traitor and remained loyal to the Empire. He immediately deduced that the boy was Mira and Ephraim's son but told Ezra that his parents were gone. Infuriated at Trayvis for mocking Ezra on Ephraim and Mira's sacrifices, Hera proclaimed that Mira and Ephraim were not gone and as long as they fought in the Bridgers' name, all that they fought for lived on. (Vision of Hope)

Later, Ezra was afraid of losing his new family, voicing his opinions to Kanan Jarrus when the group was considering their own broadcast that he did not want to lose them like he lost his parents. However, Kanan swore it would never come down to that. Later, Ezra mentioned his parents in his broadcast and was inspired to use words they once spoke in their own broadcasts. (Call to Action)

Sometime later, after Ezra was wounded by the Grand Inquisitor, he fell on a lower level, unconscious, hearing Ephraim's and Mira's voice before being roused by Hera calling him.

After their deaths, Ezra had visions of his parents and informed Hera and Kanan, who showed Ezra they had been trying to find information on his parents' whereabouts, eventually leading them to the prison escape that the Bridgeres originally died in. Meanwhile, Ryder sought out Mira and Ephraim's now-teenage son, Ezra, who Ryder had not seen since he was a child. He was found by Ezra on Lothal, where Ryder told Ezra of his parents' sacrifice. With news of his parents' deaths, Ezra mourned for them as Kanan and Chopper both comforted Ezra over his loss. Later, Ezra had a vision where Lothal was restored to its former glory. Ephraim and Mira appeared to their son, revealing to Ezra that They told him they were proud of him and urged him to remain strong. Ezra was confused as to how he could see his parents, but Kanan told him that Jedi philosophy taught that life did not end at death but merely transformed into something new in the Force. Ephraim and Mira would always be with him.

Meanwhile, Ryder decided to join the rebellion to honor Mira, Ephraim and Ezra and began the Lothal resistance in their name, being joined by several other inhabitants, such as Morad and Marida Sumar, and the Ithor Jho. (Legacy, An Inside Man)

Afterwards, Kanan and Ezra informed Hera, Zeb and Sabine what the fate of Ezra's parents were. His family gave Ezra their condolences before retreating to look at the holographic picture of him and his parents. Leia Organa formed a connection with Ezra, sympathizing with him for the sudden loss of his parents. 

When Zeb was forced to face his past and revealed it to Ezra, the boy recalled his parents and thought his life was difficult because he lost them. Until this point, Ezra realized that Zeb sufffered more. 

When Ezra met former Sith Apprentice Darth Maul, he empathized with the old man after learning his tragic past with the Sith, who took his mother and brother from him. Ezra told Maul that he hated the Empire for taking his parents from him, causing Maul to ask if he wanted revenge against those who wronged his parents, but Ezra revealed he wanted justice for his parents' deaths

At least one year since their deaths, Ezra met Morad Sumar once more, who told the young Jedi that his parents would be proud of him.

While on Dathomir, Maul told Ezra how his people, the Nightsisters were slaughtered and knew Ezra could empathize with that plight, indirectly referring to his parents.  

When Sabine was facing with her inner demons, she angrily told Ezra that she couldn't face her family again after waht she went through. However, Ezra told Sabine she was lucky she had parents to go back to before walking away to leave her alone.

While in the World Between Worlds, after learning to let Kanan go, Ezra told Ahsoka Tano, who he had rescued from Vader, that he wished his life turned out different, even if it meant seeing his parents again.

Ezra was held captive on the Chimaera, where he met Sheev Palpatine, the Emperor offered Ezra to be reunited with his parents again. However, Ezra could sense his parents' deaths through the Force. Instead, he chose to let go of his parents and refuse Palpatine before going to free Lothal from Grand Admiral Thrawn. .