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Maul (formerly known as Darth Maul) is a major character and villain in the Star Wars franchise. He was the former Sith apprentice of Darth Sidious and a master manipulator and Dark side Force user. 

Maul appeared as a supporting antagonist in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, appearing as one of the secondary antagonists of seasons 4, and one of the main antagonists of Season 5 and 7. In Star Wars Rebels, as the secondary antagonist of the two-part finale, "Twilight of the Apprentice" and one of the two main antagonists of season three episodes "The Holocrons of Fate," "Visions and Voices," and"Twin Suns."  


Maul was a deadly, evil, dark, and mysterious figure in the Star Wars franchise. In his first appearance, he was a formidable foe, having managed to kill Qui-Gon Jinn and temporarily have a stand over Obi-Wan Kenobi. Brainwashed as a child, he was extremely loyal to his master, following his every order due to Maul's attachment with Sidious.

He had great hatred towards people who have wronged him or those Maul cared for, such as Obi-Wan and Sidious. More specifically, he was driven by his hatred for Kenobi, which is what allowed him to survive after the Jedi had cut him in half. For the next twenty years, Maul would have done anything to exact vengeance on Obi-Wan, a quest that would lead Maul to his own demise. He developed a hatred towards Sidious, who he was once loyal to, after his former master killed his brother and took him away from Mother Talzin when he was younger, revealing to Jedi Ezra Bridger, that Maul still held anger and hatred towards Sidious. In order to survive anything Maul became a manipulative figure, such as convincing Vizsla to conquer Mandalore, attempts at forming alliances, especially with Ahsoka Tano, and with Ezra, Ahsoka and Kanan when they reluctantly teamed up together on Malachor in search of a way to defeat the Sith with a Sith Holocron. Maul was one of the only ones who was able to figure out that Darth Vader was really Anakin Skywalker, who he had visions of becoming Sidious' new apprentice. He was noted for being terrified by Prime Minister Almec, haunted by the visions, meaning Maul may have had some level of fear of Skywalker, as he wished to kill him to deprive Sidious of an apprentice, which he attempted to do by orchestrating the Mandalore Civil War.

Depite his cold demeanor, Maul was not completely heartless, and capable of love, as evident by the relationships betwen himself and his mother, Talzin and brother Savage, and the feeling was mutual on both of their parts. Most of the time, Maul remained calm and patient whenever his mother she brother were present and was the only one to could calm Savage down. He never forgave Sidious for taking everything from him, including his own family. He also seemed to genuinely care for Ezra. He came to view Jedi Padawan Ezra Bridger as a potential Apprentice and seeing a little bit of himself in the boy. However, at the times they had met, he was merely using Ezra seceral times, for example, to to get Obi-Wan Kenobi out of hiding and tricking him into activating the superweapon for the Sith Temple. Because he was blinded by vengeance, Maul could not understand Ezra's loyalty to his friends when he attempted to convince Ezra to become his apprentice a third time. As such, Maul was not capable of having compassion like Ezra or have a bond with him like Kanan. 

Of all the ironic things to say, Maul could be hypocritical,as he coaxed Ezra into forgetting his attachments and the past, despite Maul himself being the one who obsessed with never letting go of the past and having a previous attachment to Sidious. Even towards the end of his life, Maul remained bitter and vengeful. However, he made it clear that he was no longer affiliated with the Sith despite following the dark path, having dropped "Darth" from his name. Maul became obsessed with Obi-Wan's downfall but it ultimately caused his own. However, he died with believe and hope that Luke Skywalker would destroy Sidious, causing Maul to know that he and his family would be avenged.

Abilities and Skills=

  • Power of the Force: Since he was younger, Darth Maul had a very powerful connection to the Force, solely one of the reasons Darth Sidious had abducted Maul when he was a child. With training from Palpatine, Maul drew from the Dark side of the Force. 
    • Telekinesis:Ability to move things
      • Force Pull: A form of telekinesis. Ability to pull individuals/items towards the Force user.
      • Force Choke: Ability to choke people with the Force, usually to kill or weaken the victim.
      • Force Grip: Ability to grip individuals/objects into the air.
      • Force Throw: Ability to throw items and individuals to a designated target. Performed by Maul when he threw Ezra into the air to the sith holocron. 
      • Saber Throwing: To throw their lightsabers and gide them telekinetically towards their opponents.Maul uses it when he killed the Seventh Sister
    • Telepathy: The ability to mentally communicate with certain individuals.
      • Mind Probe: Ability to allow a Force-user to sense or probe through the minds of others. However, it is ineffective against those strong with the those with the Force could resist. Maul used it when he was probing through the minds of Hera Syndulla and the clone trooper Jesse
    • Force Sense: Ability to sense another being's emotions, presence (such as presence of darkness).
    • Force Vision: Ability to have visions of the past, present and future. However, images are not always clear and can sometimes happen against the Force user's will.
    • Force Jump: To use the Force to jump at greater distances.
    • Force Dash: The ability to move through amazing speeds.
    • Force Rage: Maul utilized Force Rage to channel his anger to increase his speed, strength, endurance and ferocity.
    • Force BondBecause Maul and Ezra entered a ritual that combined the SIth Holocrons, they ultimately created a Force bond due to Kanan Jarrus urging Ezra to look away from the Sith Holocron. The incident connected Maul and Ezra together, showing them bonded in the Force. 

Dathomir Magic: Being the son of Mother Talzin of the Nightsisters clan and a Zabrak of Dathomir, Maul was versed in a little bit of Dathomirian Magic. He accessed it through the dark side of the Force and used their magicks  to make magic and had knowledge that there was an ultiamte price when using the Nightsisters' magic. Part of the Dathomirian magic included the ability to make potions. He created a potion that would temporarily connect his mind with Ezra Bridger


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  • The term "Maul" usually means to maim someone, fittingly enough since he horribly killed Qui-Gon, Satine, and the Seventh Sister. 
  • As of Twilight of the Apprentice, Maul dropped "Darth" from his name  to show he was no longer affiliated with Palpatine or the Sith Order.
    • Despite dropping "Darth" from his name, Maul is still credited as "Darth Maul" on merchandise and called "Darth Maul" by Ezra when he mentions him to the Bendu for the first time in "Visions and Voices."

Character Notes

  •  Maul is one of the precursors to Anakin Skywalker becoming Darth Vader due to both becoming cyborgs and their legs were cut off by Obi-Wan Kenobi.

References to Other Star Wars

  • Maul dies in Kenobi's arms in the exact pose when Obi-Wan held Satine Kryze and Qui-Gon Jinn. 
    • Ironically, both were killed by Maul. 
  • Maul plays the part of an old man offering to help the disbelieving young Jedi-to-be, like Yoda in The Empire Strikes Back does for Luke. He even says things like "Please put your weapon away. I mean you no harm." He also walks with a cane before showing how skilled he is with a lightsaber.
    • Additionally, he corrupts Ezra the same way Sidious does with Anakin Skywalker and Kylo Ren does with Rey.
  • When he first meets Ezra, Maul recites the Sith Code him.
  • Maul sensing Darth Sidious in "The Lawless" and states "A presence I have not felt since..."similar to Vader sensing Obi-Wan in ''A New Hope'". 

Differences from the Legends

  • Early works had identified Maul's homeworld as Iridonia until The Clone Wars identified it as Dathomir.
  • His mother's name was Kycina and his father's name was unknown, but he was killed shortly after Maul was conceived. However, in the new canon, Maul's mother is reestablished as Mother Talzin and his father is completely removed from Star Wars works.
  • Maul's tattoo were painful Sith markings that Sidious gave him in his adolescence, with pictures of him as a child portraying him without them. Howeve,r in The Clone Wars comics, Son of Dathomir, it is revealed that Talzin gave Maul his and his brothers' tattoos before their first birthdays.
  • He is more powerful in the Force in the Disney canon than he is in Legends.

His revenge arc from The Clone Wars comes directly from the 2005 most-definitely-non-canon comic Old Wounds, where he returned with bionic legs, a new barechested attire and longer horns to get his revenge on Obi-Wan. The comic's story itself received a closer adaptation in Rebels, which featured Maul again coming for blood and dying in the process.


  • Ian McCaig designed Darth Maul as a figure that manifested in the form of his own nightmares, courtesy to George Lucas' suggestion. The abandoned concept art of Maul was later used for his mother, Talzin for The Clone Wars television series  
  • Maul was originally going to die in "Twilight of the Apprentice" during a confrontation with Vader on Malachor. Instead, he was later killed by Obi-Wan Kenobi in "Twin Suns. "
  • Everyone thought that Maul, including the audience and most of the characters, that the character originally died in the Prequel Trilogy until the Clone Wars proved otherwise.
  • To prevent leaks about Maul's appearance as the true leader of Crimson Dawn in Solo: A Star Wars Story, he went unnamed in the script, even causing some of the filmmakers to think the decision of who was Crimson Dawn's leader was still undecided. Instead, he was credited as "The Boss." 
  • Maul is voiced by Sam Witwer, who also voiced Palpatine in other media and Galen Marek/Starkiller in The Force Unleashed, and The Son in the "Mortis" arc.


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