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Ezra Bridger and Alexsandr Kallus were initially enemies since their first encounter, when the ISB Agent snatched him away from the Ghost crew and held him captive on his Star Destroyer. Kallus thought Ezra was Kanan's apprentice before he officially became a Jedi Padawan. During the earlier days of the rebellion

Their animosity ended when Kallus defected from Empire and joined the Rebellion as their new agent, Fulcrum. However, Ezra did not trust him when this fact was brought to light during his and Kanan's mission to Lothal to disturb Thrawn's new TIE defender project. Though Ezra later went to rescue Kallus from the Empire, he still refused to trust him, especially after knowing he was Fulcrum, helped Zeb, Sabine and even Ezra himself on their missions. However, in their brief time together, Ezra learned to trust his former enemy, especially since Kallus protected Ezra from being caught by never revealing his identity to Thrawn. Ezra even tried to get Kallus to come with them when Rex and Kanan came to rescue them and was slightly distraught when Kallus chose to remain behind.

Throughout the Series

In the Name of the Rebellion

  • Kallus finally calls Ezra "Lieutenant-Commander Bridger" rather than "Jabba" out of respect.

Family Reunion – and Farewell

  • Kallus helps Ezra liberate his homeworld of Lothal.