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Ezra and Ahsoka forged a deep connection and bond and close friendship during their short time together. Becoming a mentor to him, Ahsoka was the one who taught Ezra some subjects relating to the Force and the meaning of loss and sacrifice.

Together, they are commonly referred to as "'Ezsoka" (Ez/ra and Ah/soka) and Ahsra (Ahs/oka and Ez/'ra)


Ezra and Ahsoka deeply admired each other and cared for one another. Before officially meeting her, Ezra only knew her as Hera's contact, Fulcrum. They first met her after they rescued Kanan Jarrus from imperial custody. Ahsoka was immediately fond of Ezra and was smiling proudly when he was the first of the Ghost crew to answer Minister Tua's cries for help. At times, she acted as a mentor towards the Padawan, especially when it came to some subjects of the Force. The two came to trust each other, causing Ezra to put faith in her friend Rex and vice versa then Ahsoka entrusted Ahim with looking after an Force-sensitive infant.

Later, when they were on Malachor, Ahsoka knew Ezra could take care of himself when he was left alone with Darth Maul, because of Kanan's teachings. After the former Sith announced he was going to take Ezra on as an apprentice. He attempted to take to his advantage, even mocking her that he will take Ezra as well as the power, showing that Ahsoka was willing to protect Ezra if necessary. She later came to Ezra's rescue when he was cornered by Darth Vader and stopped him from torturing her friend. Ezra later attempted to help Ahsoka but she Forced pushed Ezra for his safety and stayed behind so Ezra, Kanan and Chopper could escape.

After her supposed death, Ezra mourned her loss and blamed himself for Ahsoka's supposed demise. However, in truth, an Ezra four years into the future had saved Ahsoka from Vader's wrath in the World Between Worlds. She was thankful for the adult Ezra's help, and decided that she owed him her life. Ahsoka later helped Ezra with the loss of Kanan and to accept that he sacrificed himself so Ezra, Hera and Sabine could live. It is what caused Ezra to realize that was the final lesson Kanan was trying to teach him.

Later, Ahsoka decided to join Sabine in finding Ezra in hopes of bringing him home, intending on keeping her promise to reunite with him. .


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