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How we chose to fight is just as important as what we fight for.
―Ezra Bridger to Jonner Jin and Gooti Terez[src]
How we chose to fight is just as important as what we fight for.
―Ezra Bridger to Jonner Jin and Gooti Terez[src]

Ezra Bridger (also known as Spectre-6) is a Force-sensitive human male and the main protagonist of Star Wars Rebels. Growing up on the streets, Ezra met the Ghost crew led by Kanan Jarrus.

After a mission with them and joining the Rebel Alliance when he was only fourteen years old, Ezra was informed that he was Force-sensitive and became the Jedi Padawan of Kanan Jarrus. Nonetheless, tensions grew between Ezra and Kanan couldn't find common ground. However, after encountering the Grand Inquisitor, the duo progressed their relationship as Master and Apprentice and Ezra developed friendships with his crew. After learning from several mentors other such as Ahsoka Tano, Rex, Hera Syndulla, and even Darth Maul, Ezra continued to progress as a better person and a Jedi. However, he briefly had a brush with the dark side when he met Darth Maul, Ezra struggled with both the Dark side and the light before staying loyal to his Master. He eventually rose up in the ranks of the Rebel Alliance, becoming a Lieutenant-Commander. Though he was temporarily suspended by Hera, Ezra was eventually reinstated as a Commander.

Ezra's will to lead and help others brought him to the decision to give the ultimate sacrifice to liberate his homeworld by sending himself and Grand Admiral Thrawn into hyperspace with aid of the purrgil. Five years later, his sister figure, Sabine Wren and Ahsoka Tano went on a quest to find Ezra and bring him home. He is currently missing in action due to him and Thrawn disappearing into hyperspace because of the Purgill so Ezra could liberate his home world of Lothal. Ezra Bridger's heroic role serves as the "predecessor" to Luke Skywalker. 

Ezra also appears in the Forces of Destiny episode "A Disarming Lesson," a mentioned-only character in the Thrawn book series, and a minor character in the Kanan comic book series.



Initially, Ezra came across as selfish and cocky, looking out for only himself and had to steal what he had to, only because Ezra had lost his parents when he was seven years old. However, during his time in the rebellion and his many adventures with the Ghost crew, Ezra became brave and selfless and came to see them as his family and feared to lose them like he lost his parents, as revealed in the episode "Call to Action." By the season 1 episode, "Breaking Ranks," during his infiltration of the Imperial Academy on Lothal, Ezra decided fellow cadet Jai Kellthat rather than abandoning . Ezra later admitted to Zeb and Sabine via a recording that the old him would never have stuck his neck out for a stranger. Ezra was able to inspire hope to the Galaxy by speaking out against the Empire.When Kanan was captured, Ezra took immediate action and leadership, leading the Ghost crew through the mission, after he had been taught well by Kanan and Hera. Ezra later showed he could be a leader, as he took charge of the crew when Kanan was captured and was determined to rescue his Master. By then, Kanan and Ezra had already formed a strong father-son bond.

In season 2, Ezra matured as the series went on. He took immediate action to help Maketh Tua when she defected with the empire and begged the rebels to help her off of Lothal. Because of Kanan's initial mistrust towards Rex and the Clone Troopers, and Rex believing that he had worked with better Jedi then Kanan - Ezra takes on the responsibility of being the bridge between them. He was also more willing to join the Rebel Alliance unlike Kanan. Ezra had maintained a hesitation in killing his enemies, such as the Stormtroopers who were guarding him by having his blaster set on stun and his hesitation in killing the Seventh Sister when she was at his mercy. He also appeared to have picked up some of his adopted family's traits, such as muttering Zeb's "Karabast" expression, barking orders and taking lead like Hera, understanding Chopper like Sabine did, or Kanan's teaching methods. After his conversation with Master Yoda at the Jedi Temple on Lothal, Ezra displayed a more aggressive, cocky and rebellious side, especially entering fights with Kanan and causing an imbalance between them was already sowing together. He was easily frustrated upon making Chopper Base their home, as he couldn't connect with one of the spiders on Atollon. While on Malachor, Ezra continued this rash behavior with Kanan until they were attacked by the Eighth brother. During his time on the planet, he was separated from Ahsoka and Kanan, meeting former Sith Lord, Darth Maul. He encouraged the Padawan to embrace his emotions and the dark side in order to enter the temple and retrieve the Sith holocron. Slowly, Ezra trusted this stranger and even gave Maul his true identity. Meanwhile, the conflict between Ezra and Kanan only grew more and more at least, something Maul sensed, and revealed he was manipulating Ezra the whole time. After Ahsoka's apparent death and Kanan becoming blind, Ezra felt extreme guilt and remorse, blaming himself for both of it. Because of Maul's influence, Ezra was able to open the Sith holocron, something a Jedi could not do and became determined to protect his family with this new power.

By season 3, Ezra had a more aggressive and hot-tempered personality, mainly due to the influence of the Holocron and Kanan's blindness and Ahsoka's apparent death. He was no longer hesitant in killing his enemies, especially on the battlefield. However, Ezra still retained his sense of humor, even to his enemies and his friendly persona to other recruits in the Rebel Alliance.  With the gap of conflict increased between Master and Padawan, Ezra continued to blame himself for Kanan's blindness but he refused to listen to Kanan due to his Master distancing himself from his family. However during their time on Atollon when they needed the Sith holocron, Kanan finally told Ezra that he was not to blame for his own blindness, and Ezra did as Kanan told him: he forgave himself and both Master and Padawan finally reconciled. Part of Ezra's character growth was that he finally could understand others. He related to Iron Squadron on how hard departing from a home they only ever know while fighting the Empire and helped inspire them join the Rebellion. After the incident with Maul, Ezra became nearly obssessed with bringing an end to the Sith until Obi-Wan told him otherwise. He became haunted by Maul's visions and his constant attempts to turn Ezra ot the Dark Side. Through his compassionate heart and kindness, he was able to form a friendship with Klik-Klak, a Geonosian. Ezra also had a great deal of respect for the lives of other sentient beings, and therefore, resented Saw Gererra for his ill-treatment of Klik Klak and gained respect for the Purrgils, especially after they saved his life twice.

After Thrawn's attack on Atollon, Ezra became more determined to free Lothal from Imperial rule, and accepted help from anyone who was willing to save it. However, he became lost without Kanan after his master's death until a Loth wolf whom Kanan now lived into, showed Ezra the right way. Ezra learned that he needed to let go of his Master as Ahsoka's advice. In the finale, Ezra learned from Kanan that he must always come to the rescue when people need them the most, especially doing this by following Kanan's example when Ezra helped liberate Lothal and save his family by willingly sacrificing himself to disappearing into hyperspace with Thrawn, waiting for the day for Ahsoka and Sabine to find him and bring him home.

Physical Appearance

Throughout the series, Ezra was seen the ages of 14 in half of season 1, 15 in the second half of season 1 and most of season 2, 17 to 18 in season 3, and 19 in season 4.

He was a boy with caramel skin, deep, sapphire blue eyes and was a lean teenager. Ezra's hair was mid-length and unruly hair and black eyebrows. He was the youngest of the Ghost crew. In season 1 and 2, Ezra mostly wore an orange jumpsuit, with a short-sleeved orange jacket that had yellow lining in the edge of his sleeves and looking on the rims of the flaps of his jacket. Ezra also wears a white armor brace and deep orange paddings on his other leg. He also wore deep orange shoes. After his battle with the Inquisitor, Ezra gained two scars on his left cheek. He also wears a belt that holds his lightsaber and wore black fingerless gloves and a comlink on his wrist.

By season 3, Ezra grew up being a handsome young man who went under significantly changes. Instead, his hair was cut shorter and he had grown several inches, nearly reaching Hera's height. However, Ezra was still shorter than Sabine and Kanan. Apart from keeping his gloves, wrist comlink, and belt Ezra no longer wore his jumpsuit due to growing out of it.  He changed into a long-sleeved jacket that was orange and had beige padding that covered his shoulders and chest, as well as yellow lining. Ezra had light brown pants and dark orange boots replacing his original shoes. 



  • Lightsaber: Ezra has owned a variety of two lightsabers in the series:
    • First Lightsaber (formerly): Ezra constructed a lightsaber made from parts Sabine, Hera, Kanan and Chopper provided that was a combination of a blaster and a lightsaber, having a blue blade. However, he kept the blaster on stun due to his inability to kill someone. It was destroyed by Darth Vader during their duel on Malachor.
    • Second Lightsaber: The second lightsaber Ezra constructed, but this time, it was made more like a traditional Jedi and had a green blade. It is currently in Sabine Wren's possession, as she used it last during the liberation of Lothal.


  • Energy Slingshot (formerly): Ezra owned an energy slingshot as a weapon. It was able to knock his opponents off of buildings. It was not powerful enough to penetrate Stormtrooper armor. Ezra discarded it after he gained his own lightsaber.
  • DL-44 heavy blaster pistolEzra began owning a pistol after his lightsaber/blaster hybrid was destroyed by Darth Vader on Malachor. 
  • Jetpack: Ezra briefly owned a jetpack during the mission to Mandalore, rescuing Sabine's father. However, Ezra got rid of it, as he found it troublesome to control.  


  • Holodisc: Ezra had a holodisk that contained a picture of him and his parents before they were taken away by Stormtroopers. 
  • Kanan's lightsaber: Ezra temporarily would wield Kanan's lightsaber during training and during the fight against the Inquisitor on Tarkin's Star Destroyer. He later returned it to Kanan before they were rescued by Phoenix Squadron. 
  • Jedi Holocron: Ezra took Kanan's Jedi Holocron and later opened it on Kallus' Star Destroyer. He later used it when he and Maul were combining the Jedi and Sith Holocrons. However, in the process, both Holocrons were destroyed and it unintentionally forged a Force bond between Ezra and Maul. 
  • Sith Holocron: Ezra and Maul acquired the Sith Holocron on Malachor together and Ezra kept the holocron in his possession from "Twilight of the Apprentice," where he first opened it until Steps Into Shadow, where Kanan confiscated it from him. After they retrieved it from the kryna spiders, Ezra possessed it until giving it to Maul , who combined both the Sith and Jedi Holocrons together before they were ultimately destroyed. 

Powers & Abilities


Force Powers: Ezra is one of the most powerful Force users, along with several others, such as the Skywalker family, Rey, and Yoda. However, Ezra merely struck it off as luck and was completely unaware he was Force-sensitive until he unknowingly attracted the attention of former Jedi knight and Order 66 survivor, Kanan Jarrus. They both sensed each other through the Force before their first meeting. He was able to jump long distances when making escapes on the rooftops and sense things before they happened.

Ezra's strength within the Force has also gained the attention of several dark side users, including the Grand Inquisitor and Seventh Sister, and former Sith Lord, Darth Maul, who all saw Ezra as a potential apprentice. However, due to Ezra's indominable will, he remained aligned with the light side of the Force and immediately rejected their attempts to turn him to the dark side and train him out of loyalty to his Master and friends.

  • Telekinesis: Ezra was able to move a person away from him through the use of this ability that he had an affinity with. He later protected Zeb by Force-pushing Agent Kallus several feet away from him and threw him with the Force twice: first by throwing him against the wall when Kallus attacked them on Garel and a third time when making the Empire believe Kallus was still working with them and not the Rebels.
    • Force Barrier: Using the Force, Ezra can create a force Barrier to protect himself and others. He helped Ahsoka create one around himself and her against Emperor Palpatine in the World between worlds. Later, he created a Force Barrier when he and Thrawn went into hyperspace, which is how Ezra and Thrawn survived in the Unknown Regions.
    • Force Grip:Ability to grip individuals/objects into the air.
    • Force Throw:Ability to throw items and individuals to a designated target.
    • Force Deflection:Ability to deflect incoming attacks through the Force without his lightsaber
    • Force Pull: A form of telekinesis. Ability to pull individuals/items towards the Force user.
    • Force Push:A form of telekinesis. Ability to push people through the Air offensively or defensively.
  • Telepathy - The ability to mentally communicate with certain individuals.
    • Mind Trick - Ability to manipulate the thoughts of another being. However, some are able to resist, such as Force-wielders and those with a strong mind.In "Steps Into Shadow", Ezra use of the Sith Holocron for knowledge allowed him to mentally reach out to others from a distance to completely control their actions without the need for verbal commands; this ability is derived from the dark side of the Force.
      • Mind Probing Resistance: Using the Force, Ezra was able to resist the Seventh Sister probing his mind.
    • Taming Beasts - Ability to bond with another creature/being. Ezra used this ability often, being taught by Kanan Jarrus.
  • Force Jump - To use the Force to jump at greater distances. Ezra used the Force Jump  multiple times. This included the mission to Recklam Station, where Ezra managed to jump onto the deck of the Ghost. He later did this on the mission to Geonosis, where he lands on the other side of a chasm (courtesy of Kanan's Force throw). Ezra later used it to rescue Sabine's father, where he jumped off the transport.
  • Force dash - The ability to move through amazing speeds.
  • Force Vision - Ability to have visions of the past, present and future. However, images are not always clear and can sometimes happen against the Force user's will. Ezra experienced his first Force vision, warning him about Gall Trayvis being a traitor.
  • Force Sense - Ability to sense another being's emotions, presence (such as presence of darkness). Ezra used Force-sense for the first time on Lothal, when he felt the presence of Kanan Jarrus before they even met. He could also sense Darth Vader before Kanan could.
  • Enhanced Reflexes: Due to use of the Force, Ezra has better and faster reflexes that normal people would never have.


Skilled Lightsaber Duelist: He initially had smaller training skills with a lightsaber and though he didn't manage to outmaneuver the Seventh Sister, she admitted he handled a lightsaber well. As of "Steps Into Shadow", Ezra's lightsaber skills have improved significantly, as he was able to defeat and kill several stormtroopers in quick succession while freeing Hondo Ohnaka from an Imperial prison. Overtime, Ezra became highly skilled in lightsaber dueling, being taught in combat by his Master and father figure, Kanan Jarrus and was a capable teacher, mentoring Sabine how to wield the Darksaber. He used Forms I-VI in Form III, which was favored by his Master and Kanan's Master before them and excelled in wielding both his lightsaber and Darksaber.  

He was also a skilled pilot, being taugh by Hera Syndulla and more than capable of flying the Gauntlet, the ship previously called the Nightbrother and belonged to Maul.


Star Wars Rebels

Season 1

Ezra stole several jogan, a fruit native to Lothal from a vender whom he helped avoid arrest, Ezra spotted several Imperials loading their cargo of weapons and food supply. Through the unknown use of the Force, Ezra felt the presence of former Jedi Padawan Kanan Jarrus, who also sensed the teenager. However, Ezra quickly hid when Kanan turned around and trying to find the presence he felt. In the following conflict, Ezra witnessed Jarrus, Lasat Garazeb Orrelios and Mandalorian, Sabine Wren attack the Imperials and set off at explosion. When Ezra overheard the Imperials' concern of the crates were to be protected at all costs, he used the situation to his advantage. As soon as the rebels dealt with the Imperials, Ezra hopped on one of the speeder bikes and "thanked' Kanan and Zeb for doing the heavy lifting before he escaped with the shipment they were trying to get. However, Kanan managed to get in Ezra's way, causing the teenager to stop before they collided. Kanan attempted to get Ezra to surrender the crate but the teenager refused and flew away, wishing Kanan a good day. However, a TIE attacked the teenager, only managing to destroy the bike and miraculously, Ezra and one crate survived. The TIE attacked to kill Ezra but Ghost and Kanan rescued Ezra by destroying the TlE. Kanan offered the teenager a ride due to more TIEs getting in their way. Seeing no alternative, Ezra decided to take Kanan's offer but also began running with the crate. As Kanan told Ezra to leave the crate, the boy unknowingly used the Force by jumping the long distance with the crate in tow. However, the teenager struggled before the hidden Jedi came to help him up.

Now aboard the Ghost, Ezra found himself face to face with the disappointed Ghost crew. He instantly developed a rivalry with Zeb and the two argued over who had true ownership of the crate Ezra managed to get away with. The teenager used this as an excuse and said the crate was his because he got to it first. Kanan stopped Ezra and Zeb from fighting, claiming the crate was theirs because it was always about who is last instead. Before he left, Kanan ordered Zeb and Sabine to keep an eye on Ezra, who was begrudgingly left with the two and wanted to return home. during the attack, the teenager infuriated Zeb, who locked Ezra up in a supply closet after becoming irritated with the teenager. However, through all his uses of escape in the past, Ezra snuck into the air vents of the ship; meanwhile, his absence didn't go unnoticed by Kanan, who demanded to know where the kid went. The vent was not enough to support Ezra's weight and he fell into the area where the guns below deck were. To Ezra's amazement, he was in space but fear of dying overcame Ezra saw the TIE fighters attacking the Ghost. However, he came face to face with the Mandalorian girl he met earlier and attempted to flirt with Wren but Orrelios interrupted Bridger before they disappeared into hyperspace. Ezra initially refused until he was convinced by Hera to warn Kanan, Zeb and Sabine about the trap. (Spark of Rebellion, Part 1)

However, in the chaos, Alexsandr Kallus grabbed Ezra. and Zeb tried to find a way to hit Kallus without harming Ezra but thought it was a lost cause and was forced to abandon the boy to his fate. Imprisoned on Kallus' Star Destroyer, Ezra thought he was being held there for information; however, Kallus revealed that he was using Ezra as bait to lure the Ghost crew to Lothal. He was soon stripped of his belongings, but Ezra only managed to hold onto Kanan's holocron. Frustrated, he threw it across the room before calming down, while trying to think. Through Ezra's patience, he managed to open the Jedi Holocron, revealing a recording made by Obi-Wan Kenobi, much to Ezra's shock and it led him to realize he needed to find a way to rescue himself while doubting the Ghost crew would return for him. Ezra tricked the Stormtroopers guarding him by feigning a sudden air attack, which lured them into the cell and with the door open, Ezra was able to escape to the armory and reclaim his belongings while taking a Stormtrooper cadet helmet and sneaking into the Star Destroyer's vents. Through the helmet, Ezra was able to learn through the communications that the Wookiees were being led to the space mines of Kessel and that the Imperials were aware of Ezra's escape. Through one of the transmissions, the Stormtroopers revealed that the Ghost had returned, Ezra realized they had come to rescue him, much to his surprise. Ezra found Zeb, Sabine and Kanan, where he quickly discarded the cadet helmet and followed the rebels back to the Ghost, where Zeb forced Ezra to go on first so they wouldn't lose him again. Following the escape, Ezra thanked Hera for returning. The Twi'lek prepared to get Ezra back to Lothal to his parents; however, Ezra revealed he was an orphan. Ezra then told Hera, Sabine and Kanan that the Wookiees were being taken to Kessel, which immediately alarmed the crew because Wookiees would not survive the environment due to being born in the forest. Deciding to finish the mission, Ezra announced that he was accompanying them to the planet. Hera did as she was told and set a course for Kessel.

While they were on Kessel, Kanan and his team (apart from Hera) provided the distraction while Ezra was able to slip to the Wookiee slaves and free them. Soon the Ghost Crew was cornered and forced to hide. During the chaos, Ezra had spotted Kitwarr running but chose not to follow him. Finding no alternative, Kanan announced to Hera they were doing a twenty-two pick-up. Confused, Ezra asked Kanan to tell him what the secret was and the man revealed that he was about to let everyone in on the secret. Taking his lightsaber out, Kanan revealed himself to be a Jedi to Ezra and the rest of the Imperials, who focused all their fire on the Jedi. With the distraction, Zeb ushered the Wookiees inside one of the crates, Ezra saw one of the Wookiees calling out for his child. Seeing Kanan busy with the stormtroopers and Zeb and Sabine too busy attending to the Wookiees, Ezra ran after Kitwarr and the stormtrooper who chased him and ignoring Zeb's calls and unaware that Kallus was following him. Ezra confronted the Stormtrooper about to attack Kitwarr and used his energy slingshot to ward the stormtrooper off, thus saving the young Wookiee. As Ezra tried to unlock Kitwarr's binders, he was soon face to face with Kallus, who falsely believed Ezra to be Kanan's apprentice. However, the boy while protecting Kitwarr revealed he was no Jedi and that he worked with no one. In that moment, Ezra and Kitwarr were saved from Kallus by Kanan's arrival and quickly boarded the Ghost, where Kitwarr was reunited with his father. After the Wookiees departed, the crew decided to return Ezra back to his home During this time, Ezra stole Kanan's lightsaber yet again.

When they arrived on the planet, Ezra returned Kanan's holocron to him but later, ran back to his tower with the lightsaber in his possession. However, Ezra felt Kanan's presence and inquired what the Force was. The former Jedi explained it was what kept the galaxy bound together and informed Ezra that he was Force-sensitive just like him because he wouldn't have been able to open the holocron. Kanan gave Ezra two choices: to remain on Lothal and keep the Lightsaber as a useless relic but Kanan offered Ezra the choice to become a member of the Ghost crew and his Padawan. Kanan left Ezra to think it through before departing. After a hard decision, Ezra returned Kanan's lightsaber, and decided to learn from Kanan the ways of the Force. (Spark of Rebellion, Part 2)

Sometime after Trayvis' betrayal, Ezra has recurring nightmares Zeb, where a mysterious figure with a lightsaber approaches his friend. Zeb is seen begging for the person to see reason and for his life before the figure apparently kills him with the lightsaber. Ezra abruptly awakes. The next day, Ezra goes to Kanan's room and tells his master of the latest vision he has been plagued with the past three nights. Kanan advises his Padawan to be careful with this vision, reminding Ezra of the last vision he misinterpreted with Senator Trayvis and attempts to assure his Padawan that the figure isn't either of them and that nothing bad will happen due to Zeb being away on a solo mission, but Ezra isn't convinced.

The two are interrupted by Hera over the intercom and informs Kanan and Ezra that Zeb has returned with important news. As the Lasat reveals the prices on their heads, the Ghost begins to malfunction and the crew hurriedly try to repair it. However, Chopper is suddenly shot by the impostor, causing the crew to hurriedly rush to the Droid's aid. Suddenly, Ezra gets a premonition that the impostor has already infiltrated the Ghost and goes to investigate by boarding the Phantom, where he finds Zeb unconscious at the seat and helped revive the Lasat. Quickly, the duo warn Hera, who orders the crew to return to the ship. They go to the room where the impostor is at but they open up to find Sabine sitting there and they quickly realize that the Sabine with them is the impostor who can shape-shift into their own forms.

Zeb comes across the impostor, disguised as Ezra while the real Ezra appears with his lightsaber. To his horror, his vision has come true and that the figure in it was Ezra this whole time. Ezra is torn between the imposter and the real Zeb, fearing that he might hurt his friend. However, Ezra is able to tell which one is his real friend and took out the imposter with his blaster. Kanan quickly rushes in after hearing Ezra's gun go off and went to see if they are alright and Ezra explains that he found that the Zeb who came to "warn" them about the bounty was one of the bounty hunters who could shape-shift. After dumping The bounty Hunter on another planet, Ezra's teammates ask how he knew too tell which Zeb was the real one. Ezra revealed he could distinguish that one Zeb smelled and the other didn't, which was what his visions were warning him about.

However, since the Changeling crisis, Ezra has become more on edge and more dedicated to fighting for his and his newfound family's rebel cause. During the theft of several speeder bikes from the Empire along with Sabine and Kanan, Sabine encourages Ezra, proclaiming he is finally getting the hang of things. Returning to the Ghost, seeing a broadcast of senator Trayvis lying about the crew, Kanan decides to send out a message to the people of Lothal and the Outer Rim: the truth, which causes Ezra to worry that he'll lose his new family just like he lost his parents because they spoke out against the Empire. Ezra, Sabine, and Kanan scout out for a transmission tower, which they will use to insert a spike to transmit their messages. However, they find a probe Droid guarding the tower. Ezra uses the Force to connect with a Loth-cat after realizing that the Droid will spot their bikes and has the cat attack the Droid to make it look less suspicious. Sabine is at first distraught Ezra didn't let her shoot it.

After Sabine, Kanan and Ezra return and set up an old transmitter the Bridgers once used, Kanan sees his Padawan troubled when Ezra voices his pessimistic opinion about their plan and decided to take him outside. Ezra reveals his fear to Kanan about losing his new family like he lost his parents. However, his master assures him that everything will turn out alright. and they're both discovering about loss as they go along. Inspired by his mentor's words, Ezra accompanies Kanan, Sabine, Zeb, and Chopper to the tower he, Kanan and Sabine had scoped out. As Chopper and Sabine go to upload the spike, Ezra and Kanan both stand guard, telling her she has three minutes to put it up. However, their plan guess awry when Kanan stopped several Imperials and Zeb departs to handle one of the nearby big guns. As the Imperials approach and beginning to realize they are running out of time, Kanan orders Ezra to retrieve Zeb. and the boy nitially refuses until his master tells him otherwise. Ezra does as Kanan orders him too, and convinces Zeb to fall back to the Communication tower. Kanan yells for Chopper, Sabine, Zeb and Ezra to take the lift up to the top, where Hera will pick them up. Ezra, concerned, questions how Kanan will return to them, who answers that he will be right behind Ezra, who, despite believing him, still feels that Kanan is staying behind. Joining Sabine, Zeb and Chopper on top of the roof, Ezra notices that Kanan is still down below, fighting the Grand Inquisitor. Hera rescues the group from an Imperial transport and Ezra is forced to enter in the Ghost. Hera is forced to leave Kanan behind after he stays behind to protect the Ghost crew in order to make his escape.

The next day, Ezra sends out a message, telling the people to rise up against the Empire. After giving a long enough speech, Ezra realizes that this is not over yet, with Hera agreeing it is not and only just the beginning.

Season 2

The Protector of Concord Dawn

When Hera was wounded in battle, Ezra remained outside with Sabine after Hera underwent surgery and was recovering.. Kanan announced he was going to confront the Protectors of Concord Dawn. However, Ezra and Zeb stopped Kanan and convinced him to take Chopper with him. Sabine snuck onto the Phantom to help Kanan while Ezra and Zeb stayed with Hera and presumably watched after her. [19]

After Kanan and Sabine returned with Fenn Rau as their prisoner, Ezra informed his friends that Hera was recovering and regaining consciousness.[19]

The Forgotten Droid

Ezra accompanied his friends to Horizon Base, joking to Chopper. However, when they returned ot the Ghost with enough fuel supplies, they had found Chopper was gone and Ezra and his friends were forced to leave Chopper behind. Despite his strained relationship with Chopper, Ezra tried convincing Hera to go back for Chopper; however, she refused due to her droid's selfish behavior and needed to focus getting fuel to the Rebel Fleet. Upon arriving, they discovered that the Phoenix rebel fleet was under attack by Imperial forces under Admiral Kassius Konstantine.

Despite intense enemy fire, the Ghost managed to dock in the fighter-carrier with the help of Ketsu Onyo, Sabine's friend. With the help of Chopper's new friend AP-5, Ezra and his friends established Chopper Base on Atollon.

Season 3

Following the events on Malachor, Ezra and Kanan's relationship became strained once again, up to the point where they distanced themselves from each other. Mainly, Kanan was grieving for th eloss of his eyesight while Ezra blamed himself for his Master's blindness, but Kanan failed to tell Ezra this himself. Ezra held some form of resentment towards his master, especially since he was not around to support him. Without Kanan's guidance, Ezra focused his attention to the Sith Holocron, learning forbidden things a Jedi should never commit in desperation to protect his friends from ever getting harmed again, especially after what happened on Malachor. Despite their distance, Kanan still heard of his Padawan's actions and how he was succeeding in fighting the rebellion. After Kanan's conversations with Hera, the blind Jedi decided to talk with Ezra, who was surprised to see Kanan after distancing themselves from each other, causing them to act fairly awkward for each other. However, it soon turned into an argument when Kanan realized Ezra opened the Sith Holocron after brushing up against it by accident and was further angered when Ezra informed him that he was using it. Kanan refused to let Ezra keep it and confiscated it from him, believing Ezra would go down the wrong path and succumb to the Darkness. In his anger, Ezra shouted he didn't need the Holocron or Kanan, rendering his mentor slightly upset at what his apprentice told him.

Their unbalance did not go unnoticed, for The Bendu sensed Ezra and Kanan's struggles, managing to call the older of the two Jedi out. When he met the Bendu, Kanan told the mystical force user that he feared the Sith Holocron was changing him, but the Bendu told him that the Holocron couldnt' change anyone. When the Bendu trained Kanan to "see" through the Force, the Jedi's first thoughts came to Ezra when he confronted the Atollon spiders and feared that he was in danger. However, Kanan realized the fear was not about Ezra but rather the spiders themselves. Through the exercize, Kanan realized he distanced himself from everyone, including the Force and noticed the error of his ways when neglecting Ezra and his other teammates.

After learning that Ezra had turned the recon mission into a recovery one, Kanan joined Hera on the Ghost to rescue his wayward Padawan. Ezra on his part realized his mistake with the mission and felt remorseful for yelling to his master he did not need him and begged for his master's help. Kanan assured Ezra he was not alone and that he was there to help him now. He managed to pull Ezra into the Ghost before the space station collapsed. Kanan and Ezra finally began to reconcile at the end of the episode. The teen admitted that he should have told Kanan about the Sith holocron and only wanted to use it for good. However ,Kanan assured his Padawan they would find another way together and that he hid the Holocron in a safe place. At the end, Ezra thanked Kanan for coming back to rescue him, with the older Jedi responding he would always come back for Ezra. |-| 2=However, there was still a linger of imbalance between the two, which only continued to strain after Ezra continued arguing about the whereabouts of the Sith Holocron and Kanan constantly reminding Ezra that it was safe and reminding him how using it nearly destroyed him. Following their argument, they saw that their comrades were kidnapped by Maul in an attempt to get the Sith Holocron he and Ezra acquired on Malachor six months ago. Kanan and Ezra were forced to work together getting it back from the Bendu, who still felt the imbalance between the two when they found him. The Force weilder revealed he placed the Sith Holocron in the caves where the Kryna spiders were at and hoped the two working together would get them to become balanced once again. However, Ezra refused to let Kanan come with him and decided to go in alone while Kanan guided Ezra through his commlink and confiscating his lightsaber so Ezra would learn to fight battles without it. Ezra soon came into trouble when the kryna began to attack him. Sensing his Padawan's distress, especially after Ezra's comlink was accidentally destroyed when the spiders had approached him. Immediately, Kanan went to rescue Ezra yet again and this time, pulling him through to safety just like they had done back at Reklam Station. After the spiders left them alone, after Kanan revealed he was forced to see things differently since Malachor, Ezra apologized for everything that had happened six months ago. Kanan finally told Ezra he never blamed his student for what happened on Malachor and told his Padawan to forgive himself. Ezra decided to follow Kanan's advice and unexpectedly brought Kanan into a hug before returning the embrace, causing them to finally reconcile.

Because they were balanced with each other again, Kanan and Ezra worked together to use the Force to retrieve the Holocron. With the holocron, Kanan told Ezra to open it if he thought it could help them defeat Maul. However, Ezra refused and decided to listen to Kanan's advice: to remain calm, as Maul would use their anger against them and hurt their friends. When Maul mocked Kanan for his blindness, Ezra took offence to it but Kanan stopped his padawan, as the former Sith lord was just trying to get under their skin. Maul made yet another attempt at Kanan's life by throwing him out of airlock, likely another attempt at making Ezra as his own Apprentice. However, it failed, as Kanan was finally able to make it out alive and rescue Hera, Sabine and Zeb frome execution. Ezra remaiend oblivious to what Maul had done and hoped doing what Maul told him to would protect his family. Meanwhile, Kanan realized Maul had no intention of letting the crew live. Kanan realized his apprentice was in danger, especially when he and Maul were combining the Sith and Jedi Holocrons Kanan was the only one to see through the blinding lights of the holocrons and approached Ezra, and ordered for the boy to look away and remember Bendu's warning. However, Maul coaxed Ezra into looking into the holocron and stay focused on it. Ezra eventually followed Kanan's advice over Maul's and looked away, causing a blast in the room. As soon as everyone recovered, Kanan did not hesitate to go to Ezra's side and tried waking him up. Ezra eventually pulled through and told Kanan what he had seen in the Holocron but was still confused because he only saw bits and pieces of the future. Kanan assured his Padawan they would discover it all together, as Master and Padawan.

Season 4

Star Wars: Forces of Destiny

A Disarming Lesson

Ezra appears in one episode of Star Wars: Forces of Destiny. Taking place sometime after "Fire Across the Galaxy," Ahsoka taught Ezra what happened when he did not have a lightsaber to help him fight his battles. Ezra claimed to feel powerful with it but Ahsoka removed his kyber Crystal from the lightsaber and began attacking Ezra with her own. Ezra had complained that Kanan never taught him like she did, but the former Jedi tells Ezra that he should consider this as a new lesson. Ezra used the Force to guide him while looking for his kybercrystal, which he later inserted back into his lightsaber and dodged Ahsoka's final attack. The woman observed that Ezra did need his weapon after all. However, he said that Ahsoka taught him something new: that if he doesn't have a lightsaber, then he must focus at times without a weapon. Ahsoka asked why he stopped but Ezra admitted he had been getting tired. The two laughed it off before calling it a day.

Video Games

Disney INFINITY 3.0

Ezra appears in Disney INFINITY's third installment as a playable character.

Star Wars: Force Arena

Ezra (in his Rebels Season 2 appearance) is a playable character in Star Wars: Force Arena as a Legendary squad leader card.


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  • Mira Bridger † - Mother
  • Ephraim Bridger † - Father


  • Bossk
  • Ferpal Wallaway † - Mentor and Former Employer
  • Slyyth – Former Employer
  • Moreena Krai - Childhood Friend
  • Alliance to Restore the Republic
    • Ghost crew - Surrogate Family and Teammates
      • Kanan Jarrus † - Jedi Master and Surrogate Father
      • Hera Syndulla - Surrogate Mother and Mentor
      • Sabine Wren - Best Friend, Former Love Interest and Surrogate Sister
      • Garazeb Orrelios - Former Rival, Close Friend, and Surrogate Brother
      • Chopper - Former Rival and Friend
    • Alexsandr Kallus - Former Enemy turned Friend and Teammate
    • Ahsoka Tano - Mentor, Surrogate Aunt and Friend
    • Rex - Friend and Mentor
    • AP-5 - Friend
    • Mon Mothma - Leader
    • Alderaanian Royal House
      • Bail Organa † - Leader
    • Phoenix Squadron
      • Jun Sato † - Commander and Friend
      • Phoenix 1 †
      • Phoenix 2 †
    • Massassi Group
      • Jan Dodonna †
    • Partisans
      • Saw Gerrera †
    • Wedge Antilles
    • Iron Squadron
      • R3-A3 †
      • Mart Mattin
      • Gooti Terez
      • Jonner Jin †
    • Skywalker Family
      • Leia Organa † - Friend
      • R2-D2
      • C-3PO
  • Kitwarr
  • Wullfwarrow
  • Reann Tomvig - Love Interest
  • Leonis family
    • Zare Leonis
    • Dhara Leonis
  • Loth-cats
  • Loth-Wolves
  • Purrgil
    • Purrgil King
  • Tseebo
  • Lothal Resistance
    • Ryder Azadi
    • Jai Kell
    • Jho
    • Wolffe
    • Gregor †
    • Cikatro Vizago
    • Ketsu Onyo
  • Ohnaka Pirate gang
    • Hondo Ohnaka – Friend
    • Melch
  • Azmorigan - Former Enemy
  • Lando Calrissian
  • Free Ryloth movement
    • Cham Syndulla
    • Numa
    • Gobi Glie
  • Kalani
  • Battle Droids
  • Klik Klak
  • Jedi
    • Yoda † - Guide
    • Obi-Wan Kenobi †
  • Mandalorians
    • Fenn Rau
    • Clan Wren
      • Ursa Wren
      • Tristan Wren
      • Alrich Wren
    • Clan Kryze
      • Bo-Katan Kryze
  • Maketh Tua †


  • Galactic Empire
    • Sith
      • Sheev Palpatine/Darth Sidious - Attempted Corrupter
      • Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader – Attmepted Killer and Attempted Victim
    • Inquisitors
      • Grand Inquisitor † - Attempted Recruiter and Attempted Killer
      • Fifth Brother † - Attempted Killer
      • Seventh Sister † - Attempted Killer and Attempted Victim
      • Eighth Brother † - Attempted Killer
    • Imperial Security Bureau
      • Jenkes †
    • Imperial Officer Corps
      • Thrawn - Former Captor
      • Arihnda Pryce - Former Prisoner
      • Wilhuff Tarkin †
    • Imperial Military
      • Cumberlayne Aresko †
      • Myles Grint
      • Yogar Lyste - Former Captor
      • Kassius Konstantine
      • Slavin - Former Captor
      • Vult Skerris
      • Brom Titus †
      • Wullf Yularen
    • Stormtroopers
      • LS-005
      • MB-223
      • TK-626
    • Scout Troopers
    • Death Troopers
    • Jumptroopers
    • Rukh † - Temporary Captor
  • Maul † - Dark Side Mentor turned Situational Enemy
  • Miner's Guild
  • Nightsisters - Attempted Captors
  • Imperial Supercommandos
    • Tiber Saxon
    • Gar Saxon
  • Baron Valen Rudor


  • Ezra was the first character developed and announced fit the series. 
  • Chopper, Ezra, Sabine and Hera are the only members of the Ghost crew to appear in Forces of Destiny
  • Though Ezra had similarities when Aladdin, Ezra is actually based off Ralph Macchio.
  • Ezra and Thrawn's survival was revealed by Dave Filoni in the final episode of Rebels Reconfor "A Fools Hope" and "Family Reunion – and Farewell."
  • Ezra and Chopper are the only characters to appear in every episode of Star Wars Rebels
  • He has attracted the attention of several dark siders who saught Ezra as an apprentice at one point (Maul, Seventh Sister and the Grand Inquisitor.)
  • He is the youngest member of the Ghost crew, being two years younger than Sabine, fourteen years younger than Kanan, 10 years younger than Hera and 25 years younger than Zeb.


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