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Darth Bane was one of the first Sith Lords in existence.


Rule of Two

Bane established the rule of Two, which gave an order that only two Sith, a Master and an apprentice. He also hoped that one day, Sith would rise and form a Sith empire.

The Clone Wars

Season 6

While on a mission to Moraband, Bane appeared to Yoda in a vision in his quest to attain immortality after death when the Jedi Master entered his tomb. He tempted the Jedi with the dark side as a test of Yoda's character. However, the Grandmaster refused, accounting that Bane was just an illusion because Bane had been dead for years.

Yoda's defiance banished the specter back into the sarcophagus, while Yoda continued on his journey.