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Anakin and Ahsoka are formerly Master and Apprentice and since the day they met, had a strong friendship and connection towards each other.anakin and Ahsoka came to see each other as brother and sister. However, as Darth Vader, they were on opposing sides, as Ahsoka was a Rebel and Vader was a cold-blooded Sith who wished to sever his ties with Ahsoka, considering the relationship of failure. 

Throughout the series

During the Clone Wars film, Anakin did not want the responsibilities of having an apprentice. The two first met during the Battle of Christophsis, where she revealed she was assigned to Anakin as her mentor. Reluctantly, Skywalker took Tano to meet Rex, but during their first meeting, Ahsoka became "snippy"towards her new Mentor (possibly because Anakin's negativity towards her) and calling him "Skyguy" when he called her a "youngling." Anakin admits to Ahsoka that she is quite Despite their arguing when they made their way to the planetery shields keeping the Republic from doing damage to the Separatist army, they either together to deactivate it. During this time, Ahsoka saved her master's life by having him stand in the center of the droids' attacks and having a wall with a hole crashing on the Droids while also making sure Anakin was unharmed. The Jedi Knight told Ahsoka that she was at a reckless stage her age and would never have made it as Obi-Wan's apprentice, but instead that she might make it as his, establishing a friendship between the two. Yoda was informed by Obi-Wan how Anakin was unhappy with Ahsoka as his Padawan. However, Anakin accepted the Teenager as his student, believing that she had the makings of a great Jedi, given that they go through with it with focus and patience. They were assigned their first mission together: rescue Jabba the Hutt's son.

Throughout most of their time together as Master and Padawan, Anakin and Ahsoka became very close. However, it fell apart when Ahsoka was charged with treason. Anakin was the only one to believe in her innocence and did anything to prove her. Ahsoka still left the Jedi Order and told Anakin that she needed to find her own path without the Jedi and tearfull, without him.

Ahsoka and Anakin were reunited several months later when she and Bo-Katan Kryze asked for their aid. Anakin immediately asked if Ahsoka was alright since the last time he saw her, was when she walked away from the Jedi Temple. Upon seeing each other again, Anakin gifted her with her lightsabers that he tweaked with and gave them to Ahsoka if she would be facing Maul alone. They wished each other good luck before going their separate ways, as Ashoka went to capture Maul and Anakin rushed off to save the Chancellor. However, this would be the last time she and Anakin saw each other as friends.

Sometime during the Age of the Empire, Anakin as Darth Vader went to the moon where Ahsoka's Star Destroyer crash-landed and only found her lightsaber, leading him to Believe that his former apprentice had been killed on board. He kept her old lightsaber.

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